Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 SMART Goals - 3rd Quarter Update

Hi All, it is October!! And you know what that is way past due for a Goals check in.  Yeah, okay.   I must admit that I didn't totally complete many of my goals but, nothing beats a failure but a try.  I did learn something about myself.  I need to keep my goals in front of me (written) and I prefer specific challenges.  I will do another post with a "updated" version of my goals for the rest of the year.


HEALTH & WELLNESS : My ultimate goal is to increase my strength and fitness level. I, also, want to get back to a 80-100% raw food eating regimen.
• Walk, hike, and/or bike at least 3 times a week.  - Some weeks I walked less than 2 days, others more. No hiking or biking yet.
• Perform sit-ups and push-ups nightly as to get up to 100 sit-ups and 20 push-ups* by June. - Fail, I did attempt to start but between studying and doing projects, I stopped.
• Eat 80-100% raw. - I was pretty consistent with this goal, although sometimes I dipped to 0-79%.

PERSONAL FINANCE: My goal is to increase my savings and investing balances by 25%.
• Increase ING balances to at least $15,000 by December. - Fail
• Begin selling excess (clutter) in January. The goal is to make (and save) about $1,000 by June. - Fail, I am reminded of a Mariah Carey song, "Can't Let Go". (Album: Emotions).
• Monitor accounts monthly. - Fail, I look at statements but that's it.
• Evaluate and review net worth and progress once a quarter. - Fail, I don't know what's wrong with me. I am thinking I need to downsize the amount of accounts.
• Purchase a new (to me) used car by February and sell present car by March. - I purchased a new used car in July (it took longer than expected to find what I wanted at a price I wanted to pay).  I still own the my other car but I do want to sell it.

FUN: The goal is to experience new things, spend more time with my family, and travel more.
• Take a cruise for my 45th birthday in September. -  I changed my mind - I decided to spend the time with my family instead. I had a wonderful time at home. So peaceful.
• Take two travel vacations with my family (Disney at Christmas and a weekend trip to Savannah). - Again, plans changed, we decided to go and welcome my sister and brother-in-law home from Afghanistan instead.  We are, also, considering having Thanksgiving at their home this year.
• One weekend of each month, visit family in hometown. - Since purchasing the new used car, I have been to home a lot more.
• Take the Canopy tour at the US Whitewater Center in April or May (depends on the weather) - Fail. Between the weather and other committments, I had to postpone this.  I don't want to do it alone and the guy that was going to partake with me has moved to another state.

• Decrease or eliminate paper clutter by scanning important papers by July. - Failed to complete by July. However, I started this project again this October.
• Move to Condo and rent out house by April. - Failed to move in April (, but I have begun packing for a November move.
• Get certified in LEAN principles or Six Sigma Green Belt by July. - Completed the Six Sigma Green Belt certification in May!
• Learn to swim by August. - Fail.  I have a serious problem. It's called "trying to breathe in oxygen while your head is underwater".  How do you get over that???  LOL.  I have all the information to start swim class but I am hesitate because of that "mental??" problem. LOL.